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Serene Luxury Rehab for Young Adults

Aimed for young adults, HART Rehab provides inpatient, residential addiction treatment in a luxury setting. Our evidence-based treatment programs are tailored for each client to ensure utmost care.

Individualized Holistic Care

Our team of masters-level clinicians aims to address the root cause of addiction and substance abuse by employing different forms of therapy to treat our clients. We also maintain local partnerships to ensure our clients get the best aftercare and support once they leave our rehab center.

Embrace healing today.

Our Locations

The HART Rehab Difference


Small Group Recovery

HART Rehab aims to create an environment conducive to your recovery and to ensure a tailored care experience, we limit admissions to 10 clients per facility. This stands in stark contrast to the typical Arizona residential facility, which accommodates an average of 29 clients per facility.

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Evidence-Based Care

Our addiction specialists at HART Rehab employ established therapeutic methods combat the root of addiction. With evidence-based treatment, we help our clients address their triggers and develop practical skills to prevent relapse.

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Specialty Treatment Programs

Here at HART Rehab, we recognize the unique challenges and factors contributing to addiction. Our treatment programs are tailored and aimed for young adults to help them with their addiction treatment.

luxury amenities

Luxury Amenities

Our rehab facility provides luxury amenities for our clients to ensure their comfort. Within the serene and gated Scottsdale location, HART Rehab guarantees a private and secluded environment for recovery.

insurance coverage

Wide Insurance Network

In order to provide an accessible treatment, HART Rehab has partnered with multiple insurance providers to help make treatment more affordable for young people.

Our Story

After experiencing the challenges within the addiction and recovery sector, the founder of The Hope House found himself frustrated by the limited solutions available for his son, who needed care. Our founder, Adam Hope, brought together the top minds in the addiction sector with a commitment to establishing a holistic and personalized treatment center.

This led to the opening of The Hope House, our first residential treatment facility in 2017. The Hope House has since expanded to additional locations, including HART Rehab, which offers comprehensive addiction treatment programs aimed at young adults.

Recognizing the crucial role of anonymity in the recovery journey, the pseudonym ‘Adam’ Hope is utilized to protect the privacy of Mr. Hope and his son.

Our COVID-19 Protocols

At HART Rehab, we adhere to both local and federal COVID-19 rules through the implementation of stringent measures. These include obligatory testing before admission, regular facility cleaning, and more.

We have and will keep up our rigorous efforts to limit any potential exposure to the virus. Ask our admissions team any particular questions you may have about COVID-19 right now.